Welcome to the Weyers Cave United Methodist website

You will find his weekly Sunday sermons and Wednesday night devotionals at the link above!  Many thanks to Stephen Van Vickle, who does the videos and editing. 

Our mission statement is:  “All people are welcome to learn, work and grow with God”.  We take this seriously as well as the Conference statement “ The mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”  (Discipline p. 91)


The following is our normal schedule, and we look forward to getting back to it ACV (After CoVid).

Our Sunday School meets each Sunday at 9:45 and the Worship Service starts at 11:00.  Communion is served the first Sunday of each month. It is open to everyone.

Most fifth Sundays members from the congregations share a multitude of talents, such as poetry, singing, accordion, and keyboard music.  This is followed by delicious potlucks!

We are delighted to have special musical guests on a regular basis to testify and glorify God.

Our facilities are handicapped accessible.